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There at the end of the bar sat two hot muscular men. I would allow you to get a little part-time job so you have a bit of pocket money, but it wouldn’t be a job like you’d hold now. Before he could say a word I stripped my dress off. Don’t worry pet, you won’t have to wait long I promise when I notice your head sliding just a little closer in order to make out even the slightest sound.

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I could inflict pain on you and you’d never see it coming, wouldn’t be able to shield your sensitive parts from the impact to come.

You need not worry my pet, I have no plans to bring you pain today, only Sensations.

You can’t wait to see what I’ll be wearing tonight, you love all those sexy naughty items that are in my drawer, and I know your imagination is running wild.

You can hear me rummage around and withdraw a few items, and you imagine me slowly putting them on.

You have failed to meet the goals and objectives for the first quarter. You need a glowing review and her recommendation so you can get a promotion, but you are fearful that stern Ms. MMM, I wonder how you’ll like this, I say and turn away from you for just a second.

You stiffen involuntarily, realizing just how much you are at my mercy.

I tease you by rubbing my pussy right through my pantyhose. Watching your reaction, with a wicked smile on my face, I know it is time to begin your sissification. The sales associate, says there is a limit of only four items.

Casually, I stroll through Victoria Secrets picking up various bra and panty sets to try on in the dressing room. I grab your arm and say that there four for each of us and she rolls her eyes but lets us enter. Unzip my floral spring dress, and watch as I slip out of it.

Sensual sensations, letting you understand that domination doesn’t have to hurt or humiliate.

It can simply be about taking you out of one space and creating another where you’re vulnerable to me. My hips are starting giving him a very seductive and erotic dance. (click to continue) Teasing Lil Emma, 866-930-0008 It is Spring Break, and I take you shopping with me.

I move once more, a new item in my hand and return to your side…. I ask playfully as I touch it to your body and slowly slide it from your torso downwards….. You rip a hole in my pantyhose and drive your thick cock deep into my wet pussy. I planned on staying in there getting hot and steamy for when he came home. Reaching into the bag, I slowly started pulling this cute white lace thong over my cute ass. The feeling of the silk and cotton touching my breasts making my nipples so hard. The mall is very crowded, so I hold your hand as we walk to Victoria Secrets.

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