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The affluent, secular-Jewish couple had a cute 5 year-old son (Sawyer Ever).

The conflicted Rachel was becoming increasingly unfulfilled and uptight, even though she realized she had wealth and a comfortable, secure life.

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While experts can't be certain it is of Hadrian's lover Antinous, the hairstyle closely matchs other statues that are known to be of him.

The practice of amateur treasure hunters searching for artefacts in England and Wales is controversial, with some critics arguing it could lead to potential archaeological sites being disturbed and the loss of provenance information.

While the treasure hunter who unearthed the lewd copper knife handle in North Yorkshire may have had something of a shock, an expert said it was 'not uncommon' to find sexually explicit iconography in a Roman household.

John Pearce, archaeology lecturer at King's College London, said in an article about the discoveries published in the journal Britannia: 'One theory is that those scenes that show sexual activity have an apotropaic power, because they make you laugh so that wards off the evil eye.'The hollow copper bust depicting a bare-chested young man was discovered near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire.

This light-hearted, quirky comedy-drama from Emmy winning director Matthew Weiner (known for AMC's Mad Men), was his feature film debut - and unfortunately, it was not well-received by critics or audiences.

The buddy comedy told about bromance-friendship, addiction, and issues between siblings.A copper knife handle depicting a couple having sex and an animal bone carved into the shape of a penis with wings are among thousands of artefacts unearthed across Britain by amateur treasure hunters.The finds, reported in 2011 and dating back between 1,600 and 2,000 years, also include a copper bust of a bare-chested man - thought to be Antinous, the male lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian - and an unusual silver and gold brooch in the shape of a leaping dolphin.Their realistic romance and extended conversations began in Before Sunrise (1995) (set in Vienna where the two 20 year-olds met on a train) and continued nine years later in Before Sunset (2004) (set in Paris).Their relationship was further extended with them nine years later in Before Midnight (2013), with twin daughters Ella and Nina (Jennifer and Charlotte Prior).Walker (Geoff Burkman), the father of missing/murdered April, who had become romantically obsessed with Angela.

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