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Kyle thought it was a great job because Maxie could steal drugs for them to get high on.

Desperate to hold on to Lucky, Maxie faked a suicide attempt by taking a non-lethal dose of medications. Maxie's attempts to hold on to Lucky did not end there.

She faked a pregnancy and then desperately tried to find a way to get pregnant. When that failed, Maxie realized that she had to devise a new plan before people would start wondering why she wasn't showing.

A fire broke out in the attic where Lulu was playing and Scott Baldwin rescued her.

Mac was furious with Maxie and sent her and Georgie to live with her grandmother in Texas for a few months.

Maxie decided to goad Lulu into an argument and fake a tumble down the stairs so that she could say she had miscarried the baby.

The plan worked wonderfully, and Lucky proved to be quite supportive during that time.

They soon ended up having an affair, even though Lucky was married and very much in love with his wife, Elizabeth.

Maxie resented the loyalty and devotion Elizabeth continued to inspire in Lucky and began doing what she could to both discredit Elizabeth and ruin Lucky's marriage to her.

Maxie spent most of her childhood bouncing back and forth with her sister Georgie between their grandmother's ranch in Texas, and Port Charles, while their mother traveled around the world in search of new adventures.

J.'s grave and give thanks for the gift of life that she was able to give to Maxie.

Maxie's rebelliousness increased dramatically as she grew further into adolescence.

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