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This information hasn’t taken your circumstances into account. Read our Financial Services Guide for information about our services, including the fees and other benefits that AMP companies and their representatives may receive in relation to products and services provided to you.All information on this website is subject to change without notice.Unconfirmed reports from Iraqi Kurdish media indicated that the ISIS attack targeted AAH in addition to Saraya al Salam.

Abadi’s decision reflects a concession to Iran’s proxies and a recognition that he cannot constrain them. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi appointed an Iranian-friendly commander, Lieutenant General Ali Fadhil Imran, to lead the newly created “Kirkuk Operations Command” on October 28, 2017.

Imran is the former head of the Iranian-influenced 5th Iraqi Army (IA) Division, based in Diyala.

Key Takeaway: Iran is consolidating its military control in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi has appointed an Iranian-friendly commander to lead a new “Kirkuk Operations Command.” The new commander will likely provide a durable conduit for Iran’s proxies to retain military strength in Kirkuk.

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Upon trying to consolidate the VM, it failed with the following error: Error Occurred While Consolidating disks msg. Then I thought about what might be creating VM snapshots and of course that would be the image based backup solution that I run which is Net Backup.

I head over to my Net Backup appliance and notice that there are failures for this particular VM.

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