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Protocol for clothing, particularly in Islam, has become a symbol for what many outside these traditions see as a repression of women’s rights.

At the same time, many women in both Islam and Orthodox Christianity would claim that the hijab (for Muslims) and the veil (for Orthodox women) are, in fact, representative of their spiritual freedom.

Women's Dress: Origins The issue of women’s dress is one way to compare and contrast the practices of Orthodox Christian and Muslim women.

Matushkas, or priests’ wives, can be required to wear head coverings in the presence of a bishop.

It is more common for Orthodox women in non-Western settings to cover their heads.

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Both religions require women to cover their heads in public and to dress "modestly" for public worship and interactions.

Orthodox Women and the Veil In contemporary Orthodox Christianity, the ways that women dress differ in terms of their parish’s history and geographical location.

Most women do not wear a full head covering, or veil, in many parishes across North America.

Orthodox churches with an older immigrant population, particularly from Russia or Greece, however, will often require women to wear a head covering of some kind.

Orthodox Christian women serve as teachers, public leaders and musicians, and were recognized as deacons in the early Christian church.

Muslim women worship separately from men, and are often given sole charge of women converts’ spiritual instruction.

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