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I'd say date people you like when you're totally sure about yourself in your own head.

Probably for now if you're the type that can handle 1 nighters for your "recovery", that's probably the most committed type of rebounding you should do. Need some cliffs It has been a week since you broke up after 1.5 yrs - that is some faaaaaast rebounding, no wonder you're confused.

Usually a girl will be easier to talk to after sex but she seemed to be a little distant.

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Some look for a new partner while some go through seclusion.

David Harbour is one guy of whose love world is motionless. David Harbour and his girlfriend Julia Stiles was seen most of the times in public places for 2 years.

I would like to date her eventually, not just as a rebound, but I definitely need time to recover first.

Should I just back off completely and tell her this if she does contact me?

Just keep in touch with her if she's super special but you should probably try to sort yourself out first and foremost.

IMO monkeybranching takes a certainty in what you want before even the person you're branching with.

I can imagine that she needs time and space as well.

I was supposed to go out with her tonight but she had to cancel, she had a legit reason but she didn't try to reschedule, just said "I'm not going to be able to make it, I'm sorry".

Edit: I Did tell her that I had just broken up, could that be the reason she is being a bit distant? Ended on good terms and she's moving to the east coast. Worst is coming home from work where I'm kind of alone and just get lonely.

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