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A car park attendant who saw Warren at the races, identifies a photo of him, this concentrates the search on the Brighton area.A policeman stops Warren, accompanied by Barbara, and he produces a false driving licence.The story of an old man whose good heart leads him to steal cash to help others.

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4 The Case of Gracie Budd- The sad tale of seventeen year old blonde and petite Gracie, a typical juvenile delinquent whose parents were killed in the war.

With no loving hands to guide her, the lure of easy money leads her into bad company.

ITV bought the films and screened them in the 1960's.

Details of the thirteen 35 minute stories: 1 The Case of The Studio Payroll (Cinema release date, with #2, Jan 18th 1954)- with Jack Watling and Susan Stephen.

a Police Procedural TV series) sometimes follow the pattern that Minor Crime reveals a Major Plot - the main characters can't investigate any crime, big or small, without stumbling upon an Evil Plan involving several different people and six- or seven-digit sums of money.

This is largely an Acceptable Break From Reality: of course, in Real Life, thousands of crimes are committed each day without any sort of plan or conspiracy behind them burglars sneak into homes to steal some small cash, people are killed when petty arguments get out of hand, dastardly villains cross streets in illegal ways to get to the other side faster but it makes for a more interesting story to have your master detectives slowly uncover the villainous plot of a Diabolical Mastermind than to have them book random mugger after random mugger.

They examine with fingerprint expert Fellows, the unusual mark on Bridges' hands. His photo is circulated to golf courses, and three days later Bridges is identified by a professional in Gloucester.

Lockhart and Baxter see him, and he names two associates in golf, Evans and Slessor.

A box of tablets marked Bethnal Green has been issued to her, and she pretends she has lost them to delay Bill's departure.

He finds these tablets she has hidden, and realises that she has deceived him. Barbara, unable to get any of her tablets, collapses. She is brought out of a coma and informs on Warren and Jackson.

Sometimes the Anti-Villain is revealed to be quite heinous; in other cases the Anti-Villain teams up with the heroes to fight the Big Bad.

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