E107 check remote servers when validating email addresses

* * [DISCOURAGED] * Indicates a directive which may cause undesirable side effects if * specified.

e107 check remote servers when validating email addresses-76

This breaks the STANDARDS or the protocol, and is not recommended.

It allows services to use /MSG instead of /NOTICE when sending information to the user. After making the appropriate * changes to this file, place it in the Services conf directory (as * specified in the "configure" script, default /home/username/services/conf) * under the name "services.conf".

* You probably want to add yourself and a few other people at minimum.

* * As with all permissions, make sure to only give trustworthy people access to Services.

*//* * [RECOMMENDED] Oper Access Config * * This section is used to set up staff access to restricted oper only commands.

* You may define groups of commands and privileges, as well as who may use them.

If not given, the feature * will typically be disabled.

If this is not the case, more * information will be given in the documentation.

*//* * [OPTIONAL] Additional Includes * * You can include additional configuration files here.

* You may also include executable files, which will be executed and * the output from it will be included into your configuration.

Examples (all of which * represent the same length of time, one day): * * "86400", "86400s", "1440m", "24h", "1d" * * In the documentation for each directive, one of the following will be * included to indicate whether an option is required: * * [REQUIRED] * Indicates a directive which must be given. * * [RECOMMENDED] * Indicates a directive which may be omitted, but omitting it may cause * undesirable side effects.

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