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Those in specialized areas like thehostage rescue teams may also be issued weapons that fit their duties.

Thistraining not only aids the countries but substantially helps the fbiinvestigate international crime aimed at u.

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The fbi nationalacademy, founded in 1935, provides college-level training to mid-levelstate, local, and international police officers.

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Espionage subjects often act on their own tofulfill requests of foreign intelligence services.

Examples ofcriminal acts would be using a computer to commit fraud or using theinternet to transmit obscene material.

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Identification and criminal history information may be disclosedto federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies or any agencydirectly engaged in criminal justice activity.

Instead, the investigative resources of the fbi andstate and local agencies are often pooled in a common effort toinvestigate and solve the cases. this wasnt what we plannedshe added, we havethings we dont see eye to eye on but theres never been a doubtthat overall, we are a team.

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