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On this website you can find an interesting collection of kawaii (cute) Japanese emoticons compiled from various (mostly Japanese) internet sources. You can also use ∀, ▽ and other characters resembling a smile.

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Therefore, it's not a surprise that in kaomoji main animals are cats. The concept of "enemy" here is used in a joking manner.

So, if you want your emoticon to become a nice kitty, use = = for its mustache and ^ ^ for the ears. Just try to describe how your emoticon kicks his opponent, or anything like that.

In the beginning of internet and instant messaging – lack of face-to-face talk resulted in mistakenly taking parodies and humorous jokes the wrong way.

Kaomoji is a result of manga and anime fans who wanted to correct those mistakes, avoid awkward writing situations, and express words more creatively. Some of Internet sources state the number of 10000 but, in fact, there are much more of them. If some of them are not displayed correctly, adjust Asian language support in your operating system.

For greeting (and farewell) Japanese emoticons you can use forward and backward slashes as a standard.

However, there are a few more interesting options, such as ノ or ノ.This concept is formed by the combination of two words in Kanji, “kao” (顔 – “face”) and “moji” (文字 – “character”). Therefore, in Japan emoticons are popular as nowhere in the world.Japanese believe that eyes are the mirror of a human soul.You can also use character ε (bow lips), which indicates the desire to hug and kiss.Japanese girls often joke saying that such kaomoji look like perverts!The secret of angry or evil emoticons is in their eyes. Just don't change the characters' order, otherwise your angry emoticon will become friendly and kind (compare: ` ´ - evil eyes, ´ ` - kind eyes). Finally, you can add such effects as thinking (・・・), raising hands (┐ ┌ or ╮ ╭) and propping the head with an arm ( ゞ).

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