Humiliation chat bot

Since she was to bow down to your every wish and desire that fact that you had a smaller dick wouldn’t faze her and she would make you feel like you were a Sex God.Your fembot was to be the first woman you could ACTUALLY have control over, with a touch of a button you would turn her on (in more ways than one) and off again. Then…The tables turned and you quickly learned that your Perfect Kept Woman was turning YOU into the kept woman. Well…You weren’t the only one that seemed to have a Fembot Ivy that developed her own, personality.

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We love, humiliating sissy girls, laughing at them, degrading them and making them do horrendous tasks so we can laugh our asses off.

Making them cock suckers, bitches, whores and so much more.

I later had another woman like that and she was even meaner.... One of her favorite ways of doing this was to rub my crotch with her high-heeled foot under the table in restaurants.

She would do this just before we were ready to leave so I'd have to walk out with a very visible hard-on.

My wife has only seen one other dick in person besides mine and she claims she doesn't remember how big it was. I have an average size cock, but my wife thinks it's small after watching porn.

She says things like "I'm glad you don't have a big dick, it would hurt" and things along that line.

However, we at ensure developing a chatbot is very simple which can be done by anyone.

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