Intimidating animals list

Critic Jordan Schildcrout describes Sam as "a cross between Uncle Sam and the bald eagle (which is the U. national bird and symbol) with a dash of Richard Nixon, [who] represents a conservative, nationalist Puritanism that makes him a snob and a prude." He was designed by Jim Henson and built by Don Sahlin. the Swedish Chef was originally a dual collaboration between Jim Henson and Frank Oz, who provided the hands. Debuted in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence A rock house band consisting of Dr.

An inventive, yet aloof scientist who frequently performs science experiments and invention demonstrations that typically go awry and has an "affable cluelessness" whenever his assistant, Beaker, is a victim of these presentations. Bunsen's lab assistant who performs ill-fated experiments which often results in him getting seriously injured.

He was designed by Jim Henson and built by Don Sahlin.

Eric Jacobson has performed the character since then.

Finch calls Fozzie "a sweetly insecure and absolutely terrible comedian". An eccentric hooked-nosed stunt performer and performance artist who debuted in The Great Santa Claus Switch as the Cigar Box Frackle.

On Muppet Babies, Camilla was Baby Gonzo's stuffed yellow chicken doll.

She was voiced by Frank Welker, and subsequently Dave Coulier and Russi Taylor when she came to life in Gonzo's imagination.

The first Muppet characters appeared in Sam and Friends, a Washington, D.

C.–based show which was broadcast from 1955 to 1961.

The majority of the characters listed here originated on The Muppet Show, a television series that aired from 1976 to 1981.

Since then, several more characters have been introduced in other television series, as well as theatrical films.

Beaker debuted in the second season of The Muppet Show.

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