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Rwandair has more luggage allowance than most in relation to Zimbabwe, staff on our way to Zimbabwe were friendly and approachable aside from speaking in their own language, they also kept passengers well hydrated considering the heat.

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We had one night in Dar, then caught the ferry over to Zanzibar, where we spent another night in Stonetown.

That morning he emailed us to say that the case had been found, sent on the first available flight to Dar to then be forwarded by air to Zanzibar airport where it would be arriving at 4pm that afternoon. So, thank you Rwandair, we have sung your praises since coming back home because it was the personal touch that set you aside from other reputable airlines.

All I’d been told was 'beef or curry' by a very rude member of staff.

I asked if both my kids’ untouched and unopened meals could be swapped with chicken but the vile member of staff argued with me saying the meal which he hadn’t tasted himself, wasn’t spicy!

After several enquiries as to its whereabouts, we found ourselves at the gate about to board, still without the missing case.

We didn’t want to board the plane knowing it was here at Gatwick, but were approached and reassured by staff that he would make it his personal mission to find the case.

On baggage checkin, a novice member of Gatwick’s baggage handling staff, accidentally pressed the button to send one of our suitcases onto the conveyor belt without any tags or labels on it.

Disaster we thought but were reassured that it would very quickly be found.

Also staff in Kilimanjaro Airport with this airlines are having inadequate and inpolite treatment. You are only asked if you want 'beef' or 'chicken' and won’t know till you open your meal if it was spicy or not.

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