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The three airfields-the annual sea-ice runway, Pegasus White Ice Runway, and Williams Field Skiway-are used at different times of the year for different reasons.

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To report a problem with the cameras contact: WASAR at . Aviation Disclaimer: These web cam images are being provided as a service for pilots to view current airport conditions.

They should not take the place of a pilot’s responsibility for obtaining a full, pre-flight weather briefing prior to flight from their local FAA Flight Service Station.

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Observation Hill (Ob Hill) appears in the background with views of Mc Murdo Sound and the Trans-Antarctic mountains behind it.

The Ob Hill Webcam is located at the base of Ob Hill, a very large feature adjacent to Mc Murdo Station.A 15-year-old Ohio girl was arrested earlier this month for sending nude photos of herself to other minors and was facing felony criminal charges for illegally using a minor in nudity-oriented material and for possession of criminal tools.If convicted, the teen could have been forced to register as a sexual offender annually for ten years.NOTE: Camera images are often obscured due to harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. The original station was built in 1955 to 1956 for the International Geophysical Year. Year-round and summer science projects are supported at Mc Murdo.Today's station is the primary logistics facility for supply of inland stations and remote field camps, and is also the waste management center for much of the U. The station has a harbor, landing strips on the sea ice and shelf ice, and a helicopter pad.Vessels providing essential services to the station--such as icebreaking or cargo and fuel delivery--can be seen docking at the Ice Pier.

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