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An additional commission of 15% of the highest bid is charged for a successful auction sale. You notify us about any pre-existing correspondence related to the domain and any bids already received from interested parties.

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And the best part of all is this is free for Sedo customers.

Park your domain now – It's absolutely free Sedo charges a commission for domains traded on its platform.

Domains with spelling or typographic errors will not be marketed.

You provide us with traffic statistics for the last 12 months. All of the specified fees are charged only once and are not recurring.

Whether you buy a domain on our trading platform at a fixed price, negotiate with the seller, or purchase it through a domain auction, buyers only pay the price of the domain. And our reliable Transfer Services are included absolutely free of charge.

With Domain Parking, earn money from thematically matched advertising links. Easily and quickly turn your domains into money while also increasing your sales opportunities.European Union residents please note: Sedo's commission and minimum fees quoted on this Price List exclude VAT.UA), .广东 (xn--xhq521b), .佛山(xn--1qqw23a), .भारत, .商店, .コム Post a domain for sale at a "Make Offer" price and then when you receive the first bid, you'll have the option to put your domain up for auction, with the latest bid as the reserve price. A commission of 15% of the highest bid will be charged for a successful auction sale.Foreign women living in the Czech Republic have heard the negatives. What´s more, they aren´t nearly as fun-loving and flirty as their Western counterparts.But if the modern American man can be defined by the schlubby, stoned toddlers of recent Judd Apatow movies and their cinematic ilk (the Zach Galifianakising of American manhood if you will), then the twenty-first century Czech male is certainly no worse, and in fact may even prove a better, mate.But try imagining a scenario with Czech men in the desired role and things get a little blurry.

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