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Items available in stores include name brands and generic brands.The store chain recently started accepting manufacturer and printed coupons in an attempt to draw in more customers.Only time will tell 😐 Reply I worked as a waitress for Bob Evans in Bel Air MD last year. I asked about my last pay check 2 weeks after I quit and I was told that I did not have another one owed to me.

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Senior women dating in parkersburg wv

Officers Bob Sasser – Chief Executive Officer Gary Philibin – Chief Operating Officer and President Kevin Wampler – Chief Financial Officer William Old – Chief Legal Officer Robert Rudman – Chief Merchandising Officer Mike Matacunas – Chief Administration Officer Board of Directors Macon Brock Jr. The company offers name brands and generic brands, but none are produced by Dollar Tree headquarters.

Bob Evans was founded in 1948 in in Rio Grande, Ohio.

Once upon a time this place was GREAT, consistently great food, always hot even when busy.

I don’t know what the heck happened, but it makes me second guess going to ANY Bob Evans in the future.

To me there is NO excuse for cold food, especially when people were standing around doing nothing.

My husband saw when the food came up and yes it was delivered promptly so why was it cold ????

Something needs to be done at this location starting with firing ALL of the managers at this location and bringing in someone that actually gives a damn because they sure as hell don’t.

Thank you for listening, i hope my words don’t fall by the way side……might i also add that it seems impossible to leave negative comments on your customer service site because as soon as i hit submit it does absolutely nothing, will you also do absolutely nothing ?

In 1964, a Michigan restaurant was opened, the first location outside Ohio. The sale was completed in January of 2018, thus removing Bob Evans from the NASDAQ. Headquarters are still located in New Albany, Ohio.

In 1971, Bob’s cousin Dan Evans becomes President and CEO. In 1987, the company acquired Owens Country Sausage. Bob Evans currently operates more than 600 locations in 24 states. Tagged as: bob evans corporate address, bob evans corporate headquarters, bob evans corporate office, bob evans corporate office address, bob evans corporate office email, bob evans corporate office fax, bob evans corporate office phone number, Bob Evans Customer Complaint Desk, Bob Evans Customer Complaints, bob evans headquarters, bob evans main office I have been eating at Bob Evans all my life.

Evans began selling his sausage all across Ohio, mainly to grocery stores.

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