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Mormon leaders knew that if they did not release all the photographs, we would print them.Evidence seems to indicate that there were originally no plans for any pictures of the papyri to appear in the Feb.

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In any case, Smith claimed that he eventually returned the plates to the angel who had brought them.

Consequently, there is no way to check Smith's claim that he translated the Book of Mormon from gold plates.

Unfortunately, however, some of the papyri contain "rubrics"--portions written in red ink.

Wherever rubrics appeared on the papyrus, the characters did not reproduce well in the church's magazine, The Improvement Era.

Consequently, the rubrics come out red and are very readable.

While Michael Marquardt believes John Gee is wrong about the Feb.

He was very careful to keep those plates concealed from the general public.

Although Joseph Smith let some of his close associates look at the plates, he never allowed experts to examine them.

Naturally, this caused many people to wonder if the Mormon prophet really had the plates he described.

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