Temple grandin claire danes dating

We saw it happen in last Sunday's penultimate episode of Homeland, the gripping US drama series which concludes tomorrow night on Channel 4.

But then I stop and think: I made this decision, and look what I have instead – a TV series."Movies, beginning with Romeo Juliet, meant a move to Los Angeles, but Danes avoided the pitfalls of child stardom by remaining grounded in New York.

In 1998, she began a degree in English and psychology at Yale, where her grandfather had been dean of the art and architecture school.

As Angela Chase, the insecure high-school heroine, she won a Golden Globe and showed herself to be a dedicated perfectionist of singular maturity.

In 1994, The Washington Post described her as "deep and mercurial and strikingly complex".

In the same year, Danes told People magazine: "It's really hard being a kid doing a grown-up job...

I'm so lonely that I just will sit on a sidewalk and look at the teenagers.These parallel tensions, which collided terrifyingly last Sunday (there will be no spoilers here), has turned Homeland into essential viewing.Mad Men was supposed to be the hit US drama of the year but Homeland's flawed hero has trounced Don Draper in the ratings, drawing much of the same audience with its smart thrills and plot twists. It's worth recalling that his predecessor, George Bush, was reportedly fond of 24, that other post-9/11 terrorism thriller.Claire Danes's chin does something remarkable when her face shows emotion.It simultaneously trembles and crumples, drawing her bottom lip and then her whole jaw into ugly yet irresistible contortions.In Homeland, we have witnessed, through increasingly gnawed fingernails, an actress hitting her stride – 16 years after her breakthrough.

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