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The sacking of Blairite Mr Mc Fadden came after he attacked the Stop the War Coalition – of which Mr Corbyn was chairman – for claiming the Paris terror attacks showed France was ‘reaping the whirlwind’ for military intervention in the Middle East.

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Kevan Jones, pictured left in Westminster today, was the third man to walk out of Jeremy Corbyn's team.

He followed Jonathan Reynolds, pictured right outside Parliament today, who started the dominoes falling by resigning in protest at the sacking of Pat Mc Fadden.

If the player just keeps re-entering the yeti's room without putting the blocks in place, from the third consecutive try, players are prompted to push the blocks in room 6.) One solution to the room is this: In the fifth room, go to the crevice in the north-east corner by moving north, west, north, then east.

Go through the crevice, and enter the sixth room on an ice platform along the northern edge.

Myths of the White Lands is a quest where the player investigates into rumours of riches that Explorer Jack has found.

Heading into the Land of Snow, you navigate several ice puzzles and elude a yeti to discover some stones which turn out to be nothing more than frozen yeti dung.

(Before starting your sliding, check your compass directions to North.) To get to the cave from the start, directions are as follows: This is the second puzzle room.

It contains an optional activity that grants 2,000 Crafting experience, requiring 30 Crafting.

The first official word from Labour was produced just before 1am today when the party confirmed Maria Eagle would replace the sacked Michael Dugher, with Ms Thornberry promoted to replace her at defence.

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